GPT4 "Hmm...something seems to have gone wrong."


Since logging on this morning (6 hours ago) CHATgpt 4 has been giving replying “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.” to every message I send.
Chatgpt 3.5 still works.

Am I alone having this difficulty?

I cleared my browser data. I’ve logged out and in multiple times. But the message is the same.




Same here. Is this a local problem? I am reading nothing about it on Twitter etc?

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I’ve been having this for hours. Neither app nor browser are working.

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It’s really bad with help centre support. Nothing has been resolved until now

SAME!!! i am so tired … :smiling_face_with_tear:

Weird thing is ChatGPT-4 Turbo is working with Perplexity AI.

Same here, im in the US New England area, could it be an issues around here?

I am from Poland… i have this issue too… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Of course, the day I finally take the plunge to upgrade to GPT4, it doesn’t work…

Is this lack of communication and support common with OpenAI?

I’m in Ireland. But it seem to be a problem in Poland and in the US as well.

Now I get tht I used the cap number of messages with GPT 4 but it has given me no responses other than something went Wrong

I have the same problem since CET 06:00 AM. (Hungary)

I have the same issue in France since this morning. Only with GPT4, 3.5 works fine

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Taiwan is the same, the quality is really bad.

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Same here. I’m in New Brunswick, Canada. Anyone hear from OpenAI about it? Are they working on it?

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I have the same problem in Turkey.

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The first thing we want answered - is it down for everybody. An initial ChatGPT Plus GPT-4 input here seems to be responsive in Western US, with me receiving an answer from the AI to my question:

When a subscription-based web application experiences ongoing reliability issues without effective monitoring or communication from the service provider, the repercussions can progressively worsen over time. Here’s a chronological list of potential effects on customer sentiment and business outcomes:

  1. Initial Frustration: Customers first experience inconvenience and frustration due to unexpected outages and timeouts. This leads to a slight distrust in the reliability of the service.

  2. Increased Support Inquiries: As issues persist, there’s an uptick in support tickets and inquiries, overwhelming customer support channels. This may lead to delayed response times, further aggravating customer dissatisfaction.

  3. Public Complaints: Dissatisfied customers begin to voice their concerns and negative experiences on social media and review platforms, leading to public scrutiny and potential reputational damage.

  4. Loss of Productivity for Users: For businesses relying on the web application for critical operations, persistent issues can lead to significant productivity losses, possibly affecting their own customers or revenue.

  5. Erosion of Trust: Continued service instability and lack of communication from the provider erode trust. Long-term customers may start questioning the service’s viability for their needs.

  6. Drop in Renewals and New Sign-ups: Negative reviews and word of mouth start impacting new customer acquisition. Existing customers hesitate to renew their subscriptions, leading to a noticeable decline in revenue.

  7. Increased Churn Rate: Frustration reaches a tipping point for many customers, leading to an increased churn rate as they seek more reliable alternatives.

  8. Strained Partner and Stakeholder Relationships: Business partners or stakeholders who rely on the web application’s performance may reconsider their association due to the unreliability, affecting B2B relationships and future collaborations.

  9. Legal and Financial Repercussions: For some industries, especially those bound by service level agreements (SLAs), continued outages may lead to legal actions, fines, or compensatory requirements, further straining financial resources.

  10. Long-term Brand Damage: The cumulative effect of the issues leads to long-term brand damage. Restoring reputation and customer trust may require significant effort and resources, with no guarantee of full recovery.

  11. Potential Business Failure: If unresolved, the culmination of lost revenue, customer trust, and legal repercussions can lead to a significant downturn in business viability, potentially resulting in the business’s failure.

I did not engage ChatGPT in further turns, leaving the resources available to those who can use them productively…

One thing to consider is that GPT-4 makes use of the third-party Arkose CAPTCHA system to ensure non-bot users of the service. This service must succeed, and it is possible for browser extensions and plugins, such as adblockers or privacy guards, software firewalls, or browser privacy settings themselves to interfere with this validation requiring connection from the web client to another provider.

Edit: the reports have stopped coming in, so we can suppose this was an issue that took mitigation, but not one they want to record in the service status…

I have the same issue here. I will keep reading to see if some issues exist or have a resolution. I use this primarily for research on the dumb things people say on X and look for citations and statutes I can look up. I’m not sure if the company would do this to political-oriented conversations or one side of the fight. That would be a lot of conspiracy.

Bard/Gemini is doing dumb things like this as well.

I have the same issue.

Chatgtp4 corporate account
Used to work
IOS 17.3.1
Using the app 1.2024.059 (23393)

Ask any equation I see

“Hmm something seems to have gone wrong”

24 hours now.