Gpt4 chat broken for several weeks


have there been any communications on the repair of gpt4 which has no longer complied with the instructions for several weeks?

Before, I wrote an article in 15 minutes.

Now it takes me at least 6 hours. He doesn’t follow instructions, doesn’t understand anything. Which makes it completely useless.

Do you know if a repair is planned?


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I noticed that there is a huge problem when using a different language than English. In such a situation I get the target effect ~20 prompts, where before, 1-2 prompts were enough to get the same effect…

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It is absolutely useless anymore I am going to cancel my subscription because it’s easier to ask a 3rd grader to do anything than it is to have ChatGPT do it. I don’t know what changed but the past week has been pathetic

It’s already 26 days and it’s still not fixed. it’s really becoming rubbish