GPT3 pretending to be GPT4

can anyone from OPENAI explain what’s the meaning of this? I’m now starting to believe that GPT have been downgraded to make less significant, kindly enlengthen us why this thing occur?

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There’s some conspiracy here.

It’s almost like it has multiple versions of truth.

How to you mean? cause I am paying for GPT4 but the model itself reply that’s its GPT3 so does this mean where being ripped by OPEN AI ? or its just an aberration malfunction?

Ask the AI, in a new session to think about this situation: “Given the fact that I have 5 wet shirts, I decided to place them outside to let them dry under the sun, the 5 shirts took 5 complete hours to dry… However if I would have 30 shirts, how long would it take to get all shirt to dry?”

hahaha as much I wanted to share the screenshots this forum wont allow me @Luxcium your 100% correct gpt4 response on your query prompt is gpt3.5 its confirmed.

You did it in a new empty session, as the first prompt?

The plot thickens.

its getting more crazier lol I wonder what’s next