GPT Store Builder Profile on Teams account

How are we supposed to publish a GPT to the GPT Store with company branding where development is not done by the account owner in a Teams account?

We are trying to configure the builder profile of the GPT to link to our website, as in this Canva GPT.


We are not able to replicate what is displayed there unless the GPT is owned by the account owner.

When a member of our team creates the GPT and publishes it, the publisher name is set to “Community Builder”. If the user enables the “Name” switch from within “Settings > Builder Profile”, then their name is displayed.

It is unclear to us which configuration would place a link to our website in our builder profile, without referencing the internal user who built the GPT.

Is this supported on the Teams accounts, or must we resort to using an individual account?

I’d be grateful for any input here! Thanks!