GPT Reviews are here, but the implementation is not well thought out

It is now possible to review GPTs in the store … but there are problems with the implementation.

  1. You can’t leave a review until you’ve used the GPT several times (3? 4? 5? I’m not sure) This seems fair, but it inevitably skews reviews to higher scores. Consider that if you use a GPT and it just doesn’t work for your use case, you wouldn’t want to use it again, which means you can’t just give it a one star to warn people it doesn’t work. You have to use it several times, and only then can you give it the review it deserves.

  2. If you pulldown the GPT menu to leave a review, you can no longer give feedback without leaving a star review.

  3. If you’ve already given a star, you can’t leave feedback without changing your star.

  4. When you have used the GPT enough to leave a review, you get a popup, but the popup only allows a star rating without any other feedback.

  5. If you want to leave feedback after giving a star review through the popup, you get an error “Too many requests”.

  6. It takes several reviews before anything shows up in the store. How many? Anyone figure that out?

The system feels like an intern cobbled the system together in ten minutes on their way out the door on Friday afternoon. Anyone else have any thoughts? Experience?


I feel you. My GPT has 10 reviews, 8 of which are 5* and 2 of which are 1*. As a builder, stars don’t tell me what I’m doing right or wrong. I understand that we need to make it easier for users to rate GPTs, but ratings without comments don’t help me improve my GPT, which is what I ultimately want. So, as a builder, I’d say: star ratings must require a comment from the user. I understand that this might not be so attractive for OpenAI though…

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yeah this is silly and should be fixed, and trust it will be soon!

but i kinda love that they deploy quickly because we clearly NEEDED some kind of review functionality, so as imperfect as it is, happy that intern got some version of it out ; )

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Agreed. We need to mention the positives too, not just the booboos!