GPT is giving me really crazy answers Since today issue has been resolved


Since the issue with accurately recalling information in knowledge has been resolved, GPT has begun to offer me rather peculiar responses. While not necessarily a problem in itself, it is peculiar. Have you noticed similar behavior? It generates completely nonexistent words, omits words, and produces sequences of small keywords that are unintelligible to me, among other anomalies. My primary language is French, but it gives me meaningless words followed by a bizarre list. You might think I specified such instructions, but I did not. It feels as if my GPT is haunted or something has been compromised, either on my end or at OpenAI’s.

It has happened to me twice in two different chats. Moreover, it automatically deletes long portions of the chat on its own. Have you ever experienced something similar?

Thank you !


as of about 3 hours ago all of my conversations with gpt4 devolve very quickly into garbage.

here is a sample of an answer I had to cut short I was asking some questions about how the prices of stocks are calculated in various exchanges and the answer started out sensible and turned into this

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gpt 4 and 3.5 is seriously broken today, producing nonsensical responses.


Every prompt I now give it returns something of a real answer and then it just digresses into nonsense and some kind of weird slang usually followed with a few emojis as well. Even asking it “what’s up with chatgpt today” and the discussion is called “Problemas Comunes” (?)

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what he told me after he started talking about goblins for no reason:

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Maybe ChatGPT has a fever and its temperature is too high :smiley:

I have this too on the ChatGPT web interface. Happens quickly on new conversation threads too. Never experienced it before, but I have seen the “unexpected responses” status notices.

I’m using the gpt-4-turbo-preview through the API, and haven’t seen anything weird on there so far, so I guess that’s good at least.


No, and I pray not to ever experience such a nightmarish situation :sweat_smile:

The same happened to me yesterday. Has the issue been fixed?

I had this issue yesterday and I told it “Go home ChatGPT, you’re drunk.”

This still seems to be an issue - even with the OpenAI APIs for GPT-4 Turbo and Vision.