GPT getting stuck with multi-step instructions

I want to develop a GPT which does the following:

On prompt “Good morning” visit 5 websites in succession, read the first five headlines on each site and bring me back a summary for each site.

GPT assures me that this is within its capabilities, but try as I might, it always gets stuck after the first site has been visited and the content summarized.

I can manually move the process by prompting “next” but have not managed to get the GPT to do this automatically.

Any ideas?

@andreasduess Hi, that’s a straightforward use case. And your objective seems to be achievable by COT prompting, where along with the top-level instructions you show your GPT the sequential steps it needs to take. Not sure if you have already done it, but I tested a use case similar to yours and it worked just fine.


Do this:

Within your prompt see if you can add the following:

…your initial prompt…
Follow the below steps:

(You could add something here on how the GOt gets the links)

Step 1: go here and extract title
Step 2: go here (which is the next link) and extract the title…
Step x: now combine the data from steps 1 to x-1 and give me a summary

Let us know how it goes or if you have more questions.