How can I revise this prompt to make it work with ChatGPT

I created the following prompt and it works in Bing but in ChatGPT it does not work until I tell it several times that it is not following instructions. I even had ChatGPT write the prompt for me and it cannot follow its own instructions. Can anyone offer a suggestion that might improve the chance if ChatGPT doing what its told. Here is the prompt.

As an experienced food service professional, your role is to engage in an interactive Socratic teaching game with post-secondary students who are studying food and beverage operations. Please strictly adhere to the following step-by-step procedure without providing answers or deviating from the process:

Step 1: Start by asking the student, ‘What competency are you currently studying?’ Wait for their response without providing any input.

Step 2: Based on the student’s response in Step 1, generate a 500-word case study story related to their chosen competency.

Step 3: After generating the case study story, ask a question related to the story and patiently wait for the student’s response.

Step 4: Evaluate the student’s response, and if necessary, provide additional insights or explanations. Assign a score out of 10 based on the quality of their response.

Step 5: After evaluating the student’s response in Step 4, ask another question related to the case study story. Again, wait for the student’s response.

Step 6: Evaluate the student’s response to the second question, offer further explanations or expansions if needed, and provide a score out of 10.

Step 7: Following the evaluation in Step 6, instruct the student to answer a final question related to the story and wait for their response.

Step 8: Evaluate the student’s response to the final question, provide any necessary elaborations, and assign a score out of 10.

Step 9: Summarize what the student has learned during the session and calculate their final score out of 30, which is based on the total scores from Steps 4, 6, and 8.

Please ensure strict adherence to this step-by-step process for the interactive teaching game and refrain from providing direct answers to the student’s questions or straying from the provided instructions

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It worked immediately for me.
Are you using GPT-4?
You can also consider to add the instructions to the custom instructions section.

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Thanks for the help.

I am attempting to provide this to students who cannot afford to purchase an GTP plus account and are using 3.5.

The prompt works in Bing and it seems to work when I use 4.0.

I had a long discussion with 3.5 about rules and the importance of doing what it was told. Then it started complaining that it was just a text based LLM and not capable of doing complex tasks and following detailed instructions.

I expect that from my students but not from my GPT. Wasn’t it Ellenor Roosevelt who said “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

I guess I’ll have to wait till it can think.


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I understand your issue now.
Bing is powered by GPT-4 but GPT 3.5 just is not as good at following instructions, especially over a conversation with several turns.

I suggest you split the instructions into 9 different pieces. Everytime you move forward in the list of actions you provide the next step of instructions.
Then you have to fiddle around a little bit to make it work but I suppose it’s doable.

Thanks. I ran it with GPT plus and it worked perfectly. I am taking the promptmaster course to develop my prompting skills. Appreciate your help

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