GPT For Financial Markets

Hello all.

First post here.

For the last few years Ive been immersed in market finance. Ive been learning Not only how the industry works on the internal side via sec filings, cited works, reaearch papers, and by talkikg to professionals in the industry…

But also the market data side.

So With the announcement of the gpt store I thought what better way to put this all together than to make a GPT for market finance?

Utilizing over eighteen different apis from around the industry, I wanted to share my creation…

This does not offer any form of financial device but rather utilizes public data available through various market agencies to bring the individual accurate real time data on request and provide insights into the stock and options market with more to come.

The market GPTs ive seen so far are extremely bland.

This one should stand out.

Hey can you send the link to try it out - there was no link in your post.