GPT Chat Requires CAPTCHA for Every Message

Dear participants, please explain what is happening. Why does every message require a CAPTCHA even if the account is paid for? Portal administration, why aren’t you improving the service? This is a direct violation of rights.

I’ve tried following the recommendations of all participants and even changed my browser, but nothing has helped. It’s possible that your settings are overly restrictive and make it difficult to use the service properly. Mass complaints may lead to significant consequences.


Yes, this is very annoying. Now I should solve 5 captcha for every message, why?

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I am getting this, too: 5 puzzles every time I send a message. Highly annoying. I have a paid subscription. Makes it almost unusable for me. Why am I paying for this?

Hello, any news when this captcha will stop appearing?
It takes too much time

I can assume that this situation arises due to the IP address and location. It seems that Captcha has its own lists with specific scope parameters that mark IP addresses as unfriendly. As a result, Captcha appears depending on the state of the IP address and its associated scope.

Something similar exists with Google Captcha.

When this happened to me I had to stop using browser automation tools and remove browser extensions that change the way how to interact with the app.
I am not willing to do the captcha more than once or twice per day (or per month) so I found the culprit quite fast.

Since I don’t know your cases, I just hope this helps!

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My sister, who consistently uses ChatGPT on her home network and never touches automation tools, has been inexplicably bombarded with captchas lately. She switched to the paid plan two months ago, and the problem emerged a few days back.

i experienced this captcha spam for every prompt i give. it’s time to unsubscribe to open AI GPT 4. there is no point of being a plus user.

note: GPT 3.5 does not have this issue

Weird. Out of the blue, I’m being prompted for a captcha for every single prompt!

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This new implementation makes the service completely useless. I will stop paying my subscription to the service, as it no longer makes sense. I use it for work and I can’t be solving 5 puzzles every time I ask a question.

GPT4 chat developers, either you fix this mess or you are going to have a wave of users unsubscribing from the service.

You have to be aware that post don’t often contain all of the details. If you look at other related topics you will see turning off a VPN is often noted.

It’s worth noting that certain IP addresses associated with Proxies, VPNs, and Public Networks may pose issues due to their high spam score.

Chatgpt also utilize WAFs such as cloudflare to ensure a safe and secure experience for users. Hence, accessing it through these IPs can be more challenging.

Additionally, in some cases, ad blockers may interfere with essential WAF scripts, further complicating matters.

You can try to access Chatgpt through a home wifi connection without any ad blockers enabled to see if this resolves any issues.

I’m eager to know if this solves your challenges.

why do you write like that? I am a living person and I write my discontent about this situation must respect the participants !!! And do not insult them with bots.

I have the exact same issue, I have a paid subscription that I will cancel if it is not fixed in the coming days

Same here, paid subscription and getting spammed with captchas, and I even have to repeat the captchas twice before they are cleared. The reason appears to be that I am using a VPN. However, I am still signed in on a paid subscription account, so I do not see the Logic in limiting my VPN usage.

I am getting the same issue now. I think it’s related to VPN use

I am not sure why it happens all of the sudden and am unable to use ChatGPT 4. I can’t do anything with chatgpt plus now as it asks every single prompt. So frustrating. Please change your method of verifying and frequency @chatgpt

It is inconsiderate to ask users to allow themselves to be more easily tracked just so they can use the service that they pay for. Many users live in countries with oppressive governments. This needs to be fixed by OpenAI, not users.


I am having the same problem. A captcha for every single message.
I am not on a paid plan, but it still makes it impossible to use ChatGPT even on a free plan, and there is no use to pay in order to avoid this problem, as paying users encounter the same.
And if I was on a paid plan, i would find this unacceptable, whatever the technical reasons, be it related to user configuration, extension, ip address, network or anything of the like.

EDIT : I do not know if it was fixed by OpenAI, or if something changed in my configuration, but i’m not experiencing this problem anymore, and it has worked normally for a few days.

I am now however, encountering a seemingly unrelated problem, searchable in forums as “ChatGPT is not responding to prompts” (links can not be pasted here and generate a 422 error)

I’m having the same problem. One captcha for every message I send using ChatGPT from Firefox.
No vpn or weird IP address whatsoever.
Opening chatgpt from Microsoft Edge works fine, Firefox seems to be the problem.