GPT Builder - Actions - Basic Authentication - "Location Header Ignoring.."

In GPT Builder - Am trying to trying configure actions with basic authentication. With username and password. Not with API key. Do not find option in Authentication settings. How do I do that?

I added header parameter but I get this error .

“In path /cases, method get, operationId querycaseservice_case, parameter x-abc-crm-token has location header; ignoring”

Here is the schema - partial section where I am getting error.

operationId: querycaseservice_case
- Case
summary: Read data
description: Specify query parameters to return desired case records from the system.
- name: x-abc-crm-token
in: header
required: true
type: string
description: Custom header for additional information.

There is currently no option to authenticate a user via username and password.

According to the docs you can use an API key or OAuth:

The process is different as the user will not sign in via the GPT but uses the authentication of the target platform.

Hope this helps.