Acions, authentication without the use of GUI for endpoints

Guys i havent seen reply from any about this, but is GPT able to insert API key without using the GUI?? So can i do authentification, without the GUI?
Thanks for the response.
I was trying bearer token or basic Auth and i wasnt able to make it work up until now.

oauth = Go to the site and look for a whitelist.

basically it will fail once then you have to add the source of the request.

API keys often require a custom header - its kinda like a placeholder.

ASK GPT to tell you about Custom headers and api specs.

IF youre trying to make something that other people can use - then you need a routing server.

but is it possible to tell GPT to insert something to the header?? it is possible for params for endpoints

If by without the GUI, you are referring to without the Action Authorization GUI,
then yes (at least in the case of a basic API_TOKEN as a query parameter)

Adding the key into the instructions or into the user chat is the only way I have been able to get it to work, it will not take the key from the GUI.

I’m not sure if the GUI is even saving the key, it doesn’t show the key when the Auth config window is re-opened after saving and the GPT hallucinates the key as if it cannot find one.

I meant that, if you give it instructions on how to insert the key to the header that its possible to do it without the gui authentication. I tried to make it work with bearer token and also basic auth and for now it cant insert it and i always get 401