When will audio to audio be released for gpt-4o please?

Hi, our company has a strong desire for the low latency use case of the audio-to-audio endpoint for voice conversations. Highly anticipating the release thereof. Thank you @openAI-team for all your work on the subject. @logankilpatrick


Following - really need this too.

Same here. Also the desktop app, waiting to test invoice processing, capture, and ERP integration.


It seems they listened to my request, and today I got the app.

However, I’m a little bit disappointed: the charts and the way it handles data (even though I’m using 4-o model) seems from the previous experience.

Also, I’m not sure if the voice model is the latest one. I have to press a button to interrupt the conversation.

Other than that, I loved the screen capture feature: that’s something useful in my industry.

Now another question: will be a Windows app to be released??

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I am also waiting for the audio to audio support from chatgpt4o
Is it showing to everyone

How did you get the app? I am a pro subscriber, with api credits and… nothing yet…

When will API audio access be released? Can anyone from OpenAI confirm this?