GPT-4 Web Search - How does it work?

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GPT4 has a built-in feature of a web search. However, i am curious to know more about this feature in terms of its functionality, availability and cost. However, I am unable to find relevant documentation. Does anyone know if it is possible to get more information ? Below are some of my questions:

  • How does it work? How is it different from plugins?
  • Is it customizable / search-specific web links?
  • Can it be optimized?
  • Is there an API available?
  • How is it available through different tiers and levels of subscriptions(pay as you go, premium, team, enterprise etc)?
  • Are there any limitations? (Rate limits same or different as other models etc.)
  • Is it priced differently than other products?
  • Any other considerations w.r.t pricing?

Than you for the help

I fixed it by bringing it over to ChatGPT. In the future, you can flag posts and we will change the category.

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I guess it’s likely to use Bing API?

Also this is popular but pricey:

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if it is unavailable through API, do you think the only option is to crawl the website and use embeddings to answer the question?