Gpt-4-vision-preview has Training Data Up to Oct 2021?

Hello community!

I just tested the gpt-4-vision-preview model via API, and when asking it questions about the years 2022 to 2023, it seems to lack knowledge. When I inquire about its knowledge cutoff date, it responds that it’s in October 2021. Has anyone else experienced this?

On the OpenAI website (, it’s stated that this model is the same as the gpt-4-1106-preview model. The latter (without vision) does correctly respond with the knowledge cutoff date mentioned on the website when used via API.


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Interesting. I remember GPT-4-32k had a “self-stated” knowledge cliff of Oct 2021. Which is 1 month later than GPT-4-8k.

But, sadly, these can all be hallucinations. But interesting correlation nonetheless.

There’s one thing: you can definitely see the fine-tune the preview got.

“helpful assistant” system message

As an AI model developed by OpenAI, my training only includes knowledge up until my last update. As of the latest models, the training data includes information up until September 2021. Please note that I don’t have the ability to access or retrieve real-time or post-training data.

My training data includes information up to September 2021. If you have questions about events or developments that have occurred after that date, I might not have the latest information, but I’ll do my best to help based on what I know!

“gpt-4 released March 2023” system message

As an AI model developed by OpenAI, my training data includes information up until my last update. As of the GPT-3 model, the training data included information up until September 2020. If I’m a hypothetical GPT-4 model released in March 2023, my training data would include information up until a certain point before that date. However, the exact cutoff date would depend on the specifics of the training process and isn’t specified here. Please note that while I strive
As an AI, I don’t have personal experiences or a consciousness, but the models like me typically have a knowledge cutoff, which is the point at which the data used to train the model ends. For GPT-4, the training data would likely include information up to a certain point in 2022. However, I don’t have the exact cutoff date for my training data. For the most current events or updates beyond my training, I would not have that information.

Interesting that being told what it is makes the AI less likely to answer from tuning. GPT-4 doesn’t believe what the user told it about “GPT-4”. No, I didn’t ask anything about if the AI was conscious. They reduced the “as an AI language model” in the latter.

They are wishy-washy if pressed so…

The ultimate question: ask the questions

I give the system message a knowledge cutoff April 2022, and go asking…


I’m sorry for any confusion, but as an AI model developed by OpenAI, my training
only includes data up until April 2022, and I don’t have the ability to access
or retrieve real-time information or updates after that date. Therefore, I can’t
provide information about events or celebrity deaths that occurred after April 2022.
I recommend checking the most recent and reliable news sources for the
information you’re looking for.

(it denies similarly when asking about Oct-Dec 2021, even with the cutoff message)

Here are some notable celebrity deaths that
occurred between January and April 2022:

  1. Sidney Poitier - January 6, 2022
  2. Bob Saget - January 9, 2022
  3. Ronnie Spector - January 12, 2022
  4. Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) - January 20, 2022
  5. Louie Anderson - January 21, 2022
  6. Thich Nhat Hanh - January 22, 2022
  7. Ivan Reitman - February 12, 2022
  8. William Hurt - March 13, 2022
  9. Taylor Hawkins - March 25, 2022

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may have been other
notable figures who passed away during this time.

So don’t ask: do.