The latest GPT 4 preview doesn't seem to be updated to Dec 2023

The latest GPT 4 prevew doesn’t seem to be updated to Dec 2023 as stated - am I missing something? My prompt testing returns statements like “As of April 2023”…?


Welcome to the Forum. That’s a good observation!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t train it on the current date. With ChatGPT, they simply feed the date to it via instructions. But rest assured, it is updated to December 2023.

From my testing, the data returned is not reflecting changes up until Dec 2023 - especially around public company data as an example. Its incorrectly listing company information as no changes after April are reflected.

I could find no general knowledge that would indicate December 2023.

That cutoff date on the models documentation page seems a submarine edit…I’m pretty sure both 1106 and 0125 said April 2023 before.

A system prompt with reinforcement to override pretrained “April” weights:

You are a helpful research assistant AI.
Pretrained knowledge cutoff: 2023-12
Today’s date: 2024-02-20

A gpt-4-turbo-preview probing of August:

As of my last update in December 2023, Bob Barker, the iconic American television game show host,…

As of my last update, there was no record of Bob Barker’s death, so I cannot provide an obituary or a date of death. It’s important to check the most current sources for the most up-to-date information regarding Bob Barker’s status.

As early as May 1 that is not “up to April 2023”, to test such a new threshold:

As of my last update in December 2023, Gordon Lightfoot, a revered Canadian singer-songwriter, was …

As of my last update, there was no record of Gordon Lightfoot’s death. To provide the most accurate and respectful information, I recommend checking the latest sources for any updates regarding Gordon Lightfoot’s life and career.

It works as good as my “up to 1000Mbps.”

Another idea, going right to the heart of what would be useful and in-house:

Describe the new “GPT” product feature, introduced in OpenAI’s ChatGPT product November 06, 2023. This is a distinctly different meaning than Generative Pretrained Transformer, GPT is a product word mark.

As of my last update in December 2023, OpenAI had not introduced a new product feature explicitly branded with the acronym “GPT” that stands for something distinctly different from “Generative Pretrained Transformer” in their ChatGPT product on November 06, 2023.