GPT-4 Vision is unable to read certain social media icons

I’m developing an application that translates designs into code. However, I’ve run into an issue where both ChatGPT and its associated API fail to recognize certain social media icons, such as those for Facebook and TikTok from Font Awesome.

To provide more context, you can try adding the attached icon to ChatGPT yourself, which will result in an error.

Thank you for your help.

I annotated the image to aid in identification and added some hearts around it, thinking that the system was recognizing labeled images of icons as some sort of reCAPTCHA bypassing trick? Surprisingly, it did the trick for some icons, but not for all of them.

I decided to experiment with this a bit, starting from a very clean, sharp logo and progressively degrading it.

The first three were able to be identified by ChatGPT, the fourth errored without a response.

So, I think your speculation that this is some anti-captcha defense is likely correct.

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Thanks! Makes sense, probably increasing the quality will fix it or find a way to replace similar icons

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