GPT 4 Turbo IGNORES assistant prompts

GPT 4 Turbo (GPT4.5) ignores assistant prompts.
GPT 4 or GPT3.5 works with no problem.

Here is an example of GPT 4 and GPT 4.5 with assistant prompts.
GPT 4 :

GPT 4.5 :

@dignity_for_all Thank you for the solution. Yeah, your solution definitely made the model work way better, although it still behaves out of order occasionally. From your idea, I conducted some experiments to find what prompt best suits my situation. I will share my final prompt: Never start a conversation. Do not repeat what you said, and only continue from what you said.

Since the language model behaves in a probabilistic statistical way, if the model changes, the behavior will change completely.

In this case, I recommend setting the system message as follows

Please output food in numbered bullets.
If you have already output some, please continue.
Never start a conversation and follow the instructions in the system message.

Hope this works well.


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