GPT-4 switches to GPT-3: Bug or a limitation?

I’ve been trying to address it with the support but they don’t read my messages. In some instances chatGPT would refer to itself as GPT-4 and the messages were noticeably longer and had a different feel to them. As of late whenever I ask, it is unaware of GPT-4’s existence and claims to be GPT-3 even though I make sure to use GPT-4 option on the top of the conversation in chatGPT.

Initially it used to say it was GPT-4 but now it is just GPT-3 all the time. Can you elaborate why.

GPT really shouldn’t be asked any self-reflecting questions.
These answers are hallucinations.

I know that and I agree. However not once since has it said that it was GPT-4. Coincidence?

Honestly, who knows.

I recall weeks ago GPT-3 was aware of Elon Musk owning Twitter, and Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Who knows what checkpoint we’re using at any given time.