GPT-4 CAP MESSAGE AND A 2-HOUR WAIT - Frustrating, Yet Amazing Tech!

I’ve been using ChatGPT, and I received a message saying that I’ve hit the cap, which is supposed to be 50, right? Since July, “TO BE HONEST,” I’m not entirely sure if I’ve sent 50 messages. I mean, I use it a “LOT YES,” but what’s the time frame for those 50 messages? Now, after this, I’m going to count my usage to be absolutely sure.

I understand that there are performance issues, but let’s be honest – around 100 million users “PER WEEK” – that’s mind-boggling. This technology is making a huge impact on creativity and empowerment for humanity. But yeah, that cap can be quite irritating. Just needed to vent. Happy weekend, everyone! :heart:

And one tip during the message cap - if you’re ever STUCK in the middle of an idea, you can switch over to GPT-3.5 in a separate window and continue planning strategies, brainstorming ideas, or preparing and refining your work until GPT-4 is available. It helps maintain that creative flow state because the cap USED TO FEEL LIKE MY CREATIVE THUNDER WAS BEING STOPPED.

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Same. Maybe i’m wrong, but i thought early it was limit per tokens, not per messages. What’s a point anyway, maybe my task will be 60 very short messages instead of 10 messages with close to limit tons of code.

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