GPT-4 actively wastes my generations and constantly refuses to write code

This is getting annoying the whole premise that ChatGpt-4 is now all in one without clear ability to separate creates constant issues of it not behaving properly this is the latest of many that this method of integrating GPT into one whole keeps me wasting time and getting me a headache:

Technically this shouldn’t be an integration issue it should just do what is asked, but it is one of the piling issues that started occurring after GPT integration of all its fucntionalities

If you asked me the question below, I would struggle to understand.

The GPT / LLM solutions are evolving rapidly, but if the users prompts are difficult to understand, it decreases the likelihood of a good outcome.

Try reading your prompt out loud a few times.

My recommendation is to simplify your language and be more precise and clear. And to also accept this this technology is still evolving.

If I don’t mention it there will be nobody to change it.

The wording and the prompt really don’t matter 70% of the time it does what is asked, but then other times the same wording can jam it up in several ways

My experience is different.

If I ask a question really clearly, it increases the chance of a clear and consistent response. It’s not perfect, but it’s a new technology.

If the prompt is not clear, GPT does it’s best, but may respond inconsistently to the same question if the same poorly worded prompt is submitted, because confused questions can be interpreted differently.

You won’t get perfect answers from any AI solution currently, but your prompt quality absolutely make a difference.