GPT-3 Layer on Top of Your Google Sheets and Excel

One less-known feature of Elephas ( is that it can seamlessly work on top of Google Sheets and Excel. Meaning you can add text instructions and perform operations on your Sheets and Excel with ease. This could save you time.

Here is a video,

Some of the use cases are,

  1. Extracting enhanced data from a column
  2. Count occurrences of a specific word combination
  3. Generate a text template from a row
  4. Validate text
  5. Remove invalid duplicates

The real potential here is you can add complex text instruction. There are many more use cases in that you can extend this feature. Let me know what you think. Here is the website link

Elephas looks amazing! Is it just for Mac though right now? Thanks.

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Yes, only for Mac (and iPhone/iPad) for now.