GPT-3.5 + DALLE2 + ElevenLabs =?

I’m playing with taking output from GPT-3.5 and DALLE2 and combining it with the AI from ElevenLabs… pretty good results so far! This was just for fun, but I’m wondering if ElevenLabs won’t be used for more GPT based products for better text 2 speech capabilities. I believe they have an API too, but I haven’t looked into it… yet.

The AI voice is one of the most natural sounding I’ve heard… really impressive tech…


I just gave this a whirl and OMG… by far the most convincing AI voices I’ve heard yet. It looks to be about $20/month for 100,000 words. That’s really good if you’ve got a specific use-case in mind!

Have you put this to use yet?

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A little bit playing around. I think they have an API that I want to look into to hook it up. The video above is an example… Here’s another…

Good stuff!