Got my API Key, Now what?

How should I start? I am very confused.

Hi Abhishek,

Thanks for being a part of our beta! The following links are great ways to get started:

  • Introduction
    Get an overview of how the API works and how you can interface with the language models in different ways.

  • Playground
    Experiment and iterate with different prompts and generations.

  • Developer Quick Start
    Learn how to hook into the API programmatically.

  • Example prompts
    See examples of how other people are using the API.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions! I’m always here to help :grinning:


I just got accepted into the beta as well. I see that I am put on a “Free Trial” until July 31st. Would any projects I make using OpenAI become nullified after that date or would I have to start paying to use this service or could I request an extension to my usage?

After the quota has passed you can choose to enter billing information to continue your use of the API. If no billing information is entered you will still have login access, but will be unable to make any further API requests.

Hi Abishkek, check out also my experimental series “The Art to Start” - where I go wild with playground and settings: The Art to Start (Designing Prompts for GPT-3). Introduction. | by Vlad Alex (Merzmensch) | Merzazine | Medium