Google Spreadsheet + GPT3

Hi @peter.nemec
That is a very interesting use case. As @raymonddavey has mentioned, there is no official ChatGPT API now but the new text-davinci-003 model is pretty close.
I think there are many ways you can approach this problem.

  1. You can get someone to integrate the API feeds with the GPT API for you, and with programing you can customize it however you like.
  2. The other approach is the use the spreadsheet above and pull the stock information into the google spreadsheet in near realtime. That involves a little programming too, but there are probably plugins that can help you do that.

For example feed such as - Real-time Headlines
can go into this sheet…

You can do use the Search to to find data and feed it into GPT Prompt like this…

The idea of using GPT to analyze stock trend for you on a spreadsheet is pretty cool.
Hope you make a lot of money!