Getting full API effectiveness without upgrading Python SDK

So I have been unable to make the new SDK compatible with my existing Python/Langchain Chatbot. Whenever I load it I get errors, and frankly I’m too much of a noob to figure it out without a lot of pain trying to resolve the dependencies.

I’m referencing the new model (gpt-4-1106-preview) in my code where it’s appropriate, but I’m not sure I’m getting its full capabilities due to being still on the openai 0.28.1 SDK.

I have been testing it by asking it questions, like when is the last update of your training data, and when I use Openai’s ChatGPT chatbot I get April 2023, but when I run the same question through my chatbot, I still get Sept 2021 or whatever it was.

Is it just that you have to have the new SDK implemented? Or do I not get the same answer in my chatbot because OpenAI runs some kind of secret sauce in their ChatGPT chatbot?