Getting a 403 when using the openai api - accepted, but not authorized

Hi, I am a newbie. Following the steps of a youtube tutorial and getting " * The error message indicates that there’s an issue with authentication or permissions. The HTTP 403 status code typically means that the server understood the request, but it refuses to authorize it." I checked the and from i see it is active and all green. What am I missing? Thanks ahead of time for the assist.

HTTP error 401 is what you get if you provide a bad API key or none at all…
HTTP error 405 is from trying to make a http request instead of https.
HTTP error 404 if you use a non-existent URL resource.

so what could it be? it depends on your use:


  • blocked by Cloudflare, for example, using VPN or use from unsupported country
  • accessing existent but unauthorized URL
  • outage
  • anything else that blocks you, like a company firewall

Thanks for the response. I am using a company laptop and most likely it is company blockage - I will attempt swapping over to copilot, but I think it will hurt :). Wish me luck.