🎤 Genius API plugin for lyrics, song meanings, and more!

I made a plugin that uses the Genius API to get song meanings, write song parodies, learn about artists and more! Here’s the GitHub Repo for anyone who’s interested in giving it a spin!


Looking good. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing with us.

How did you find the whole process as a developer?

It was really quite fun to develop! Using FastAPI made it so easy, since it automatically generates the OpenAPI spec for you. And I used a nice Python client to interact with the Genius API. It really is amazing how you only need to set a short description for the plugin, and ChatGPT just knows what requests to make to get the job done.

The only complaint I have is with installing a plugin that uses OAuth. It creates a unique ID for your plugin which is included in the redirect URI, but it never tells you that ID in advance - the only way to get it is to attempt to sign in to the OAuth provider and grab it out of the request URL. And then you have to go and set the redirect URI for your API application/client before you can successfully sign in. Ideally OpenAI should provide that plugin ID in advance!

Why do we have to follow this step:

OpenAI will give you a verification token. Enter this in .well-known/ai-plugin.json in the verification_tokens object. Restart your server and then continue in ChatGPT.

Should this not be automatically done? It does not seem user friendly.

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Do we need to update this token every time we update plugin version ?

This is a great use case!
Go deeper with songs.