Generative AI in Game Design and Gamedev

This is not my channel, but I came across it this weekend, and it has had some great content recently about generative AI in the gaming space… Not all of them are using GPT products, but interesting nonetheless…


One interesting thing was Hilary Mason noting that they use a lot of smaller fine-tuned models for specialized tasks rather than relying on a super-large general model. I personally think we’re going to see more of that coming up. I can’t wait to be able to fine-tune some of the newer models. I just hope the pricing isn’t super-high for using them…

Anything you’re working on in the gaming space that you’d like to share?

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Very late to the party, but thanks for sharing this! This is all very interesting.

I saw the first video a few weeks ago which entered my YouTube feed, but for some reason the YT algorithm decided not to show me the others. (And of course I didn’t think to check myself the channel because of trust in the algorithm…)

Correct me if I am wrong - you surely know the field way more. I have the impression that relatively few people seem to be working on “intrinsic” genAI games (relative compared to the boom of ChatGPT). By intrinsic genAI games (is there a better name?) I mean not just using genAI to help create assets or just to spice up a bit NPC interactions; but specifically to make games which are genAI at the core, affording on-the-fly content and a level of interactivity and simulation which is simply not possible without (gen)AI.

Perhaps the technology is (was) not quite ready yet? GPT-4 is definitely good enough, but the API is way too expensive to support a game; and powerful smaller open-source models have not been around for long. But this is changing fast I guess.

My surprise stems from the fact that I am not aware of many (popular) games that are intrinsically genAI, AI Dungeon aside (and, but that’s chatbots, not quite games).

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Yeah, it’s expensive right now, but prices will drop. My roguelike is not all generated, but a lot of the content is from an LLM.

I’ve watched some of these! New games are coming with Steam’s updated policy around AI (including GPT): Quest Machina on Steam

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