Generating URL from a text prompt

hi, i am new to this, so sorry if it’s something obvious.
i am trying to create a small proof of concept, that generates a url from a text prompt, or more accurately identifies parameters from a text prompt (from a foreign language if possible) and then inserts them to the url it generates.
is it something that is possible to do with the api?

Welcome tomerkal,

Here’s an example prompt that you can send by API and do the job:

Given the French TEXT below, extract the NAME and FIRSTNAME and generate a url following this format:<text>

Encode the URL properly and replace <text> by "Bonjour FIRSTNAME LASTNAME". No comments, no explanations.

Je m'appelle Joe Panetti, je vis à Paris depuis 2001.

I tested it on ChatGPT: ChatGPT


thank you! i was just testing some similar things, awesome to know there is such a responsive community! i thought i have to manually parse the url but maybe i can do it this way as well.