Generate text in spanish please help

I have two questions, the first, can you use the gpt chat api key to make my web and mobile applications? The second, how do I generate random food recipes with the apikey but that the recipe is generated in Spanish?

Hope that helps…

It is just confusion in terms. “ChatGPT” refers to the chat website to access the GPT-3 AI model - indeed, it is the most used term to refer to the entire OpenAI project. There are no API keys for this service yet.
When you get an API key from the official OpenAI GitHub repository is to be used with the Completions API, usually managed by the “davinciNN” engine, where the “NN” is a version number.
You can develop your web and mobile applications with the API key accessing the davinciNN engine - the instructions are in the OpenAI GitHub repository - this is the most usual way to get the data needed for the applications.
There are videos on YouTube explaining how to get data from the AI model to insert an Excel spreadsheet, for example, running a Typescript application. The titles of these videos almost always refer to ChatGPT - but they show access to the “davinciNN” engine.
The GPT-3 model understands many human languages - that is the purpose of “Natural Language Processing,” after all.
GPT-3 couldn’t give me the entire list of human languages it can deal with - but it could confirm English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.
Make the requests in Spanish, and the model will generate responses in Spanish.
If the communication isn’t as expected, make the application translate the request to English and the response back to Spanish.
For the recipes, the GPT-3 was (pre) trained until September 2021 and had no more access to new data. Rest sure that most World’s cuisine is there.