Generate Configuration Files through Conversation

Hello Community,

I had an interesting project idea, which is to teach GPT about my particular software program’s configuration format, and then have the assistant generate configuration files from just chat.

My thought process was that GPT knows how to generate JSON or CSV files, so what if I teach it a particular format.

For example, I attached a spreadsheet, and explained to the assistant what every column and row is / does.

It seems to work at first, but as conversations go on longer it starts hallucinating more and coming up with it’s own formats, even though I told it not to :).

Anyways, I thought this was a cool project idea that others may also be working on. I’m hoping to use this thread to share tips and tricks of combing the assistant + code interpreter + functions to get this to be a reliable config file generator.

Has anyone else worked on a similar task and can share what they have done?