Garbage output bug both Playground and API Take2

Here is another example. This occurs for me routinely these days

there are now 10 different versions of GPT 4. Which should I select?

Choosing the right version of GPT-4 from OpenAI depends on several factors including your specific needs, budget constraints, and performance expectations. As of my last update, there isn’t a publicly listed differentiation among “10 different versions” of GPT-4 specifically; however, OpenAI typically offers variations in their models based on capabilities like token limits or fine-tuning options.

Here are some general considerations to help you decide which variant of GPT-4 might be best suited for your application:

1. Performance Requirements

  • Quality vs. Speed: Higher-capacity models generally deliver better understanding and more nuanced text generation but may run slower compared to smaller ones. If you need very high-quality outputs for tasks like content creation or complex question answering, opting for the most capable version makes sense.

2. Cost Considerations

  • Pricing structures often vary based on model capacity and usage volume. Larger models cost more per API call than smaller ones. Evaluate if the extra cost aligns with the added value in output quality.

3. Latency Tolerance

  • In scenarios where response time is critical (e.g., real-time applications), a faster but potentially less accurate model could be preferable.

4. Token Limits

  • Different versions may have varying maximum token limits which affect how much input they can process at once and how lengthy generated responses can be.

5. Specific Features or Customization Needs

  • Some variants might offer additional features such as fine-tuning capabilities tailored towards specific industries or data sensitivities that could benefit your particular use case more directly.

Steps to Choose:

  1. Define Your Use Case: Clearly articulate what you need from the AI—whether it’s generating creative content, providing customer support answers, analyzing texts etc.

  2. 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