Gap in the Product ? Actions have access but are not accessible - Assistants are accessible but don't have access

Hello. Question:
Assistants are accessible through the Open AI API to be used wherever we want but don’t have access to external APIs themselves -
GPTs through actions have access to external APIs but are not available through OpenAI API so we can’t really use them anywhere.

Is this correct or am I missing something ?
Thanks !

I think you can use function-calling and inside the function you can call the external api

Thank you, yes and it needs an app to do it.
In the actions/GPTs case we upload the .yaml file and the model does the API calls straight from the conversation.
In the functions case, our externally hosted and operated app does the calls and the model creates the parameters. Right ?

I have used it in this way, but not sure if this is how OpenAI envisioned it. This works for me. So if u using custom GPT’s and not Assistants API, then you

  1. create a python code files with custom functions .
  2. upload the file created to the knowledge base.
  3. create a JSON for the functions created in step 1.
  4. Upload that to the Actions.
  5. Enable Code interpreter.
  6. ALso in instruction set provide scenarios where you want GPT to call custom functions/actions

The functions you have created can call external hosted API’s.

In my mind Action/Functions are same.