Assistant API + making an API call

hi, just want to ask if its possible for Assistant API to make an API call? if yes, how?

also i’m quite confuse, how Assistant can do actions for you. for example, user says: book me a meeting with the sales team.

assistant will respond: okay booking it now. (then assistant will book it through actions? function?)

do you guys have an idea how to do this two? i’m seeing that it’s possible because they were able to do it during demo in opening keynote and new products: deep dive conference.

thank you!

Yes. This is called (or was called) function calling. The information is scattered in the docs

The general idea is that you provide these functions to your Assistant as a schema along with a description. When your Assistant is attached to a run it determines if a function is needed. It creates the function for you (stringified) and then changes the status to “requires_action”.

You then need to run the function (I used a simple map) and then return the results using the submitToolOuputs endpoint. GPT then uses the results to form a response.

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