Game: The Oregon Trail, an experimental fusion of Classic Gaming and OpenAI API

G’day again. I’m happy to share our next game project with you. It’s an AI infused spin on the classic Oregon Trail game, but this time around, we’re some putting GPT-turbo-3.5 action, right at the heart of it!

Our game sends Oregon Trail locations to OpenAI in a JSON format. OpenAI, in turn, generates responses according to the input it receives and we render them accordingly. This creates a dynamic narrative that changes each time you play.

While it’s indeed pretty cool, as many of you will know, GPT models can “hallucinate” and generate information that doesn’t align well with the inputs given.

That being the case we’re considering leveraging the new Function Calls API as a next step. The idea is to curtail hallucinations and provide a more accurate and engaging gameplay experience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this. Do you think Function Calls would indeed improve the gaming experience? Have any of you worked with Function Calls in a similar context yet? Any potential pitfalls or challenges we should anticipate?

Your insights are not just welcome but invaluable to us as we figure this out :sunglasses:

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Sorry I didn’t add the link earlier - new dad figuring out this whole lack of sleep thing :sweat_smile:

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congratulations on that :slight_smile: