Game: Isaac Newton hidden object game (single completes)

Introducing another ChatGPT-powered game!

This game takes you into the depths of a secret Royal Society laboratory. The exact location remains a mystery, but rumors suggest it’s concealed somewhere beneath the Royal Mint.

In this instance, we utilize the single complete API to generate fresh, interactive descriptions for each object within the game upon interaction.

This particular example offers a rapid remake of a level from our Isaac Newton mini-game developed a few years back.

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Had a go at the game. Can you explain more how this uses chat gpt?

Each object has an associated prompt that ”says” what the object is. As opposed to a writer writing a description.

There’s a higher level system prompt that describes the scene, and the tone of the response we want e.g. act like a snooty member of the Royal Society in 1666 when you describe each object and important keep response to under 50 words

We stream the response to the game and hey presto you don’t have to write a description for game objects.

Does that make sense?

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This is no longer working, right? Because I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the telescope, and I’m confident it’s not in there.

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