Game: Infinite Word search - Seeking Feedback and Ideas for Future Game Collaborations

G’day fellow members!

I’m happy to share our first public project with you: a ChatGPT-powered Word search. This is the first in a series of game templates we plan to develop that leverage the power of ChatGPT APIs.

My plan is to provide fun and engaging ways for users to interact with GPT technology through games. I would love to hear your feedback, ideas, and suggestions to make it even better and to explore ideas for future game templates.

Infinite Word search - What is it?

Infinite Word search is an interactive game that combines the power of ChatGPT with the classic fun of word search puzzles.


Dynamic Word List Generation: ChatGPT generates a new list of words for each puzzle based on user input, ensuring a fresh challenge every time.

A future update could include configurable difficulty, adjustable grid size and complexity of the words included in the puzzle, Hints and Clues (ChatGPT provides hints and clues to assist users in finding the words), designed to make the game even more interactive and fun.

Request for Community Feedback and Ideas

As I continue to develop game #1, I am eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. Here are some questions I have for you:

What do you think about the current features? Are there any other additional features or game modes that could enhance the user experience? Thoughts on an educational aspect?

Partnership ideas

Are there any potential partnerships or collaborations you could recommend to help me promote GPT powered games?

Please feel free to provide your input in the comments below or reach out via private message. I’m keen to collaborate with the OpenAI community and make this and any future ChatGPT games the best they can be.