Free trail usage not working

so I am creating a small text generation project and I am looking to use the open AI text davinci 003 model. I have created a new account, generated an API key but the dashboard states I have $0 to use for api requests. I have seen that this has been a problem for a while based on previous posts on this forum and it seems to still not be resolved by the open AI team. I also as expected trigger an exception when i hit the endpoint using Curl, " You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details."


It means you have not been granted the free trial credits. You will have to add a payment method to use the models.

I have the same issue… It says my credits expired April 1 but I only created my account yesterday… (May 18)

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You only get free credits for the first account associated with your phone number. Subsequent accounts are not granted free credits. I think this may include ChatGPT registration, not just API.

You’ll either need to add billing info and pay, or submit a ticket at but be prepared to wait a week+.