Free to use model with 8000+ tokens

Good morning.

Can you provide me with a token that can use more than 8000 tokens to use in my code.

Thank you

You can get up to 128k tokens through the API. If you’re looking to get it completely free of charge it currently limits out around 4k, you’ll have to wait to see if they eventually increase the user limits but with how congested the servers get, I wouldn’t count on it.

What model can I use that is paid? And how do I pay for it?

Its made by Open AI as well. Their API model gpt-4-1106-preview is their newest cheapest, fastest, model. This is a sort of chat engine they made for developers to play with the GPT API but works similar to Chat GPT.

Create a new assistant
When you set it up make sure to give it access to code interpreter and retrieval. You can also pre-provide it instructions that it will remember every single time it responds to you which can be helpful for making sure it remembers to do certain things every time no matter what. You can also add files directly to the assistant and it will always have access to these files and they will never be deleted like happens with Chat GPT if you wait too long.

You can also switch it to ‘chat’ at the very top for a more simple back and forth but you’ll lose access to code interpreter and some other functions.

Pricing is much better as well as long as the conversations dont get too crazy at around $0.01 USD/1000 tokens.


1000 tokens is about 750 words. This seems like its super cheap only $0.01 USD for 750 words but keep in mind every single time you reply you are also sending all of your previous conversation. So a 8000 token message might only be 8 cents. but the whole conversation leading up to that might be $1.00

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