Frames for children's books

Hi, im trying to generate frames for children’s books but, after at least 20 attempts, I can’t make DALLE3 understand what I really want. I would like a frame for children’s books, that is, graphic elements that are all around a page, only on the edges, so that I can write inside it.

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Hi Antony,
It might help to see how you’re requesting the image? If you’re going through ChatGPT, then you may have some more scope to be specific and refine the outputs as you go? I did 3 attempts through ChatGPT and found I could return bordered/framed writing pages with themed elements surrounding the inner section. The issue might be that DALL-E has fixed output through the ChatGPT interface (not sure about directly or via some other API access?). It’s 1024x1024 or 1792x1024 and both don’t lend so well to standard proportions, depending on what you intend with the output size.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, it is more or less what I need, but with many fewer elements (the frame must not take away attention from the text and images on the page), on a white sheet of paper without lines. I’d like to be able to find a way to make DALL 3 understand (I’m directly using DALLE 3’s Gpts) so I can make some. For example, even without animals or games but only with stylized elements such as pen strokes or things like that.

You may be trying to squeeze too much out of the one interface (at the moment, wait for the future…). So, you could try another approach.

As your page size is known to you and not going to match easily on DALL-E, you could just focus on the elements you want generated (as it can probably do that fairly well). Don’t restrict it to a border, just keep the elements spaced and not overlapping.

You could then just “digitally” cut and paste different items onto your blank template page how you need/want them. This allows your template to handle the page design and what sort of border or not, and you place elements on tops depending how busy you want it.

Here’s a toned down version modifying my last prompt.

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Here’s an example -

“Create a page filled with individual safari animals, each separated by white space, suitable for cutting and pasting into a design. The animals should include an elephant, lion, giraffe, zebra, monkey, and a tree, all depicted in a playful and colorful style. The layout should allow each animal to be easily isolated for use in various designs. The overall theme should be cheerful and appealing to children, capturing the essence of a safari adventure.”

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Thx for the hint. However, if you needed a frame with stylized features, without elements, how would you ask DALLE3 for these individual elements?
Something like this:
Maybe, if it were possible, even making him make his features as if they were branches.

I am not familiar with the API for DALL-E, but the chat interface is quite limited, so it’s missing various tools that other image generators could assist with. You might need a “negative” prompt to limit what you don’t want to appear (like 'square, rectangle, solid line, tree trunk, roots) and then start with an “existing image” guidance to shape the results (like the curved line frame image you provided). This allows more control over how you request the actual branch/twig/leaf framing effect.
Other systems would be able to get closer to the specifics you need.
Then you also have the “style” of image that you might want to match or apply?

I need simple things like these that I attach: stylized lines and the possibility of adding some small elements such as a tree, a flower, a game.