FormatGPT - Make Beautiful documents from GPT models


Announcing, the engine and API used in Ask AI, Livebook AI, and AI Kiosks to create formatted output from GPT models developed by Kevin Ashley Labs. Based on an industry standard Stories.JSON format specification for FormatGPT.

Check sample documents created with FormatGPT.

FormatGPT features:

  • Create editable rich beautiful documents from multiple GPT models
  • Schedule and run GPT model jobs
  • Quality control for GPT model output
  • Validation and verification of GPT output
  • Compose multiple AI models in beautiful documents
  • Insert advertising and custom content in GPT output
  • Provides a powerful workflow engine for GPT tasks


Stories.JSON is used in the following projects:

AskAI - Ask AI - AI Training and Learning Platform

Livebook AI - Livebook AI - AI Stories Platform

AI Kiosk - AI Kiosk at the Computer History Museum


If you are interested in FormatGPT, please contact Kevin Ashley on LinkedIn. The engine is available for commercial licensing.