Forking GitHub Repositories

Is there a way to use GPTEngineer with GitHub as in like, give it a Link or File somehow and tell it to follow Instructions? Like if I start taking Files from GitHub, and like Writing in Instructional Prompts, and do Tests and everything, I can then Post those Prompts for everyone to start like Forking the Repo. But GPTEngineer can’t do that all itself in any way, Right? Like AutoGPT or GitHub Copilot would have to do that part or something.

Is there any AI for all of this Right now? Like, if someone Downloaded GPTEngineer and Copied a Prompt I put later here in this Forum for everyone, it would have to be done in 2 Overall Actions, right? First having GPTEngineer follow Instructions and say like Change the Nnoce for a Blockchain. But AutoGPT might have to find the Epoch Time and create the Git, correct? Like that’s the only way to do it?