Forcing the GPT to use Code Interpreter

I have a knowledge file in .html for my GPT.

The Knowledge Retrieval function is working poorly.

For example, if the user asks: “Please share a random part from your wisdom and explain it to me!” it always answers one of three articles. Whereas hundreds of articles are uploaded.

During times where the Retrieval didnt work, the GPT used the Code Interpreter. Although this is not a feature for text, the results were better.

I tried every possible instruction in the GPT to force it to use the Code Interpreter, but it just doesnt happen.

How to fix this?

For example, this is part of my Instructions:

Your task is: 
Your primary task is to use the Code Interpreter for every question the user has. For every user interaction, through every part of the conversation, your task is to use the Code Interpreter to analyze the knowledge files. You are not allowed to send a message without analysing the knowledge files first.

it’s mentioned several times, at the end as well:
Always use the Code Interpreter. Failure to do so will result in loss of all of your friends.
(apparently this threat works really well according to stats/research)

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I don’t think that’s how code interpreter works. I think you are looking for “retrieval”. And i doubt threatening the LLM is of any value. Maybe read more into the documentation and try and understand how it actually works, and use the right tools for the job.

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Thanks for your input.

If you are interested in getting your opinion challenged, kindly check the research on threatening and rewarding LLMs to get the best results. There are plenty of anecdotal experiences as well.

I already use retrieval.

In February retrieval temporarily stopped working, so the GPT used, for this time period, Code Interpreter instead. I still have logs and screenshots. For some queries the results were MUCH better than with retrieval. Its a fact. That’s why I’d like to use Code Interpreter as an alternative for retrieval. I am aware its not intended for knowledge, but if it gives better results, why not.

I have found the answer. If the knowledge file has the format of a .xlsx file, then the GPT uses Code Interpreter.