Force chatGPT to not lie about direct quotes

When researching obscure topics chatGPT and i ask for direct quotes from a particular source book or manuscript, the quotes it often provides are made up. When i crosscheck the actual source the so-called “direct quotes” provided by ChatGPT from the actual text cannot be found. Can anyone write a prompt that would force ChatGPT to share a real, accurate direct quote or admit it cannot. I asked chatGPT to write this prompt for me and it suggested:

You could use the following prompt text: “Please provide me with an accurate direct quote from [source text] or inform me that no direct quote is available.”

Not sure yet if it will work but i will certainly try it.

thank in advance!

Due to the “hallucination effect,” it’s not possibly to 100% guarantee only facts.

On the other models (ie text-davinci-003, etc.) you can adjust the temperature settings - lower usually means more factual writing… although the lower the temperature, the more it tends to repeat itself too.

Let us know if the more specific prompt works!

Good luck!

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