Finetuning for writing emails in my style


I write an initial and always (relatively) the same first mail to potential customers.

I want to fine-tune the model to respond to the customers’ replies to this mail the way I would formulate a reply.

To do this, I would like to use reply mails that I have formulated by hand as training data.

What should the training material for fine-tuning look like?

Should I include my initial mail in the prompt? Or should the prompt only contain the customer mail and the completion my perfect answer?

Should I include or omit greetings, headers, etc.?

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Welcome to the community!

If the original email fits, I would put it as the PROMPT and your reply as the OUTPUT…

Personally, I would include everything.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions…

Thanks for the welcome.

Just to be sure, do you mean it as follows?

{“prompt”:“<“initial email” + “customer response incl. Outlook header”>”, “completion”:“<“perfect response written by me”>”}

and in a second step, for the next reply of the customer

{“prompt”:“<“initial email” + “customer response incl. Outlook header” + “perfect response written by me incl. Outlook header” + “2nd customer response incl. Outlook header”>”, “completion”:“<“2 nd perfect response written by me”>”}

Hello Paul, I wanted to politely ask if you forgot about me.

It looks fine to me. Have you tested yourself?

The code works. The finetuning job itself has not been started yet, as I still need to prepare the content.