Let me help you build your project - no fees

Hi @SharonSG ,
Feel free to message me here in this forum or connect with me on linked in.

Nelson, I want to utilize GPT to build a variant of the Ultimatum Game (a simple, take-it-or-leave-it bargaining game) for academic research purposes. I have managed to to create a basic web page version of the game (with chatGPT’s help), but it’s beyond my skills to implement true chat functionality. I have understanding of NLP/ NLU from my previous life, but I am not a coder.

Hello Nelson, your post has gotten me thinking about what possibilities there are for this technology.
I’m a complete novice to this and to be honest I was just thinking that it was used for creative writing.But now I’m starting to feel like that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
I’d love to learn more but in a very basic simplistic way to start.

Could you outline some of the ways that this might be used for the average person who is not even aware of the wider every day uses that this could be useful.
I’d love to come up with something that I could ask you to do.
Thank you, John O’Donovan

Hi @tuska
Thanks for sharing your project, let me know where you get stuck and I can see if there is anything I can do. Best.

Hi @odonovj
Thank you for you kind word, I think the whole industry including myself are still exploring the possibilities. But from speaking different people around this topic on a day to day basis, I think some of the best use cases around GPT is to use it to consume complex information and have it explain in a very simple format people can understand. I see it cover many areas including programming, law, mechanics, trading, marketing, human resource and even banking. The only thing I think people are trying to avoid is medical, which makes a lot of sense.

Hope that helps, there is also there are a couple samples here by OpenAI as well.

Hi nelson,

thank you for your answer.
I am not sure if there is a misunderstanding between us.

My problem is that davinci-003 gives answers that contain wording that I don’t like.
My approach now would be to use finetuning to teach the model how to answer.

The way you describe it is not clear to me how it would prevent davinci from using wording that I don’t want.

Here again is the link to the other thread I opened.

Hi @JohnMichaels

I see what you are looking to do now. To be honest, I don’t know if there is any way to make sure the model will not include wording you don’t like. It will be great if you can try the fine-tuning method and see if that is possible. I’ll like to know your results as well.

Another option I think will work as well is that regardless of using prompt engineering or fine-tuning, you can use either semantic search or regex expression to validate the results you get back from the model.
If it you see words you don’t like, you can deny the result and do a retry request with slightly different temperature.

Another word, since we can’t guarantee the response from GPT, we add a validation step as quality control.

Hope that helps, looking forward to your experiment results.

Olá Nelson, eu realmente tive os olhos brilhantes ao ver sua mensagem. De onde sou há um provérbio que diz: " Quem diz a verdade não merece castigo". Aqui vai minha verdade. Sou novato em AI e em python. Estou tentando resolver um problema que é o seguinte: Eu tenho um conjunto de dados de temperatura no formato .tif são imagens de satélite que datam de 2003 a 2020, estas imagens contem pixels de 1km quadrado. Estou desenvolvendo um projeto de ilhas de calor urbana com base na temperatura de superfície e estou precisando usar este conjunto de dados para fazer uma regressão linear para prever até 2023. Isto é realmente muito importante para mim. Meu objetivo é usar isto para prever as área mais quentes de uma cidade e como isto pode impactar a saúde das pessoas idosas. A dengue também é um fator de risco nestas áreas. Gentil você já tem demonstrado que é, não sendo um projeto que considere interessante, necessitaria de sua imensa generosidade. O que você acha disto? Muito obrigado, Davi (Brasil)

Olá @daviluca
Sorry I don’t speak Spanish but I did translate your question to understand your comment. It’s a very interesting problem but I think this is out of my knowledge scope. Maybe you can post this question in other AI community?

OK. I’ll let you know how it worked with finetuning.

If I understand you correctly, I can use regex to prevent certain words and phrases.

But my problem is that davinci partially twists the meaning.
For example
Client: I have no need for your offer at the moment.
davinci: I am glad to read that you have no interest in our offer at the moment.

What can I achieve with semantic search? What does it do? How do I apply it?


Muito obrigado Nelson por sua resposta tão solícita.
Eu tenho este outro problema que talvez possa ser interessante e possa gostar.
Gostaria de construir um aplicativo para mobile que pudesse, enquanto o automóvel estiver em movimento, filmar a estrada e capturar a geolocalização dos buracos para que este banco de dados fosse levado às autoridades competentes.
O que acha?
Gostaria de ouví-lo, desculpe por mandar em português.

@JohnMichaels Sure, perhaps I can send you an example on how to do that.
How will you plan to integrate with OpenAI’s API.
Will you be using the google spreadsheet I provided or will you use custom code, if so which language?

Hi @daviluca
That is a great idea and I think it is possible using vision detection.
Thank you for sharing your idea. For now, I will like to focus solely on OpenAI and NLP related areas. Perhaps you can post this on other community such as reddit and get others involved.
Best of luck to you, and happy new year.

Obrigado Nelson, muita sorte para vocês neste novo.


What about a StackOverflow killer app

Hello Nelson!

I want to create a dating that incorporate Open AI API, but I don’t quite know how.

I would like to use Open AI to enhance matches, criteria, prompts, reviews, and to enforce certain rule parameters.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any recommendation for someone to design the UI/UX would also be welcome greatly.

Thank you!

@djebbar Sure, let me know how far you are along and what kind of help you need, thanks.

Hi @nelson thanks for your generosity. Our project is a little bigger than the time you have until end of January. Besides, I don’t like taking people’s time for free. So are you open to work with us on a paid freelance basis?

I just sent you a LinkedIn request.


Hi @Icebergtec
For UI/UX, I think you can look into no-code programming such as bubble.io and FlutterFlow.
Are you looking to use the Open AI for content generation?
Can you me more on how that can apply to matches, criteria, prompts, reviews for a dating app?

I am using virtual reality to help people stop bad habits and start good ones. The prototype is available on app store and google play under MasterChange. Or see the trailer here: Psychiatry UK VR Experience Powered by MasterChange; a Google Cardboard app - YouTube

I now what to create a smart avatar, in Unity, where my users can ask a question of GPT around behaviour e.g giving up smoking.

The process is Unity - STT - Send to GPT - receive response, display response in Unity

Would you be interested in helping out?