Fine tuning chat models -- coming soon?

Do you think that the ability to fine-tune GPT 3.5 and 4.0 is coming soon? Very frustrating that we can only fine-tune the older, more expensive, less capable models.

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I at least hope so!

One way to do a bit in this direction would to submit some context with the API in front of the User-Request, works well when you have around 3-4 Pages with text. Have you considered this option allready?

Yes I do try to use prompt engineering before fine tuning but it’s easy to hit the limits of it, especially with GPT-4 not available as an API yet (for me, at least).

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It seems with the extra emphasis on “safety”, they’re killing off fine tuning. It seems OpenAI is getting more Closed by the day. GPT-4 doesn’t even have a public API. Seems like you ought to just use Llama or Open Assistant if you need fine tuning these days.

I have a novel solution to this idea! Well…it WAS novel about 2 weeks ago, but ChatGPT plugins, and that recent GPT-4 paper covered most of what I figured out. Either way, check it out at and take a look at my rudimentary architecture for Recombinant AI and Modal-ID’s.

I think I’ve got a pretty good solution to creating a mini fine-tuning environment.