"fine_tunes.prepare_data" as an API endpoint

I’m developing a simple app for preparing data for fine-tuning.

The app’s back end runs on nodejs (NestJS, to be more precise).

The app allows my team members to create the prompts and completion that will be sent for fine-tuning a model.

Before sending the data, I run the “fine_tunes.prepare_data” to validate the documents and check if any action is required.

Right now, I run the command as a separate process, get the response and parse it to provide meaningful feedback to the user.

Assuming there isn’t a node equivalent for the same functionality, I wonder if it would be possible to get this functionality as an API endpoint and get the response in a more structured way.

This would allow me to skip the external process and handle the results better.

Any alternative approach is also welcome.



I have not tried it, but I think it will work if you can wrap that CLI command using python flask or FAATAPI framework to use it as a api endpoint


I think it would be much more helpful if it were included in the REST API rather than having to build a custom one only for that.

Right now, it’s cheaper for me to parse the output than go for a Python project to handle this need.