Fine-tuned Model Name Change

Hello everyone,
I wanted to fine-tune a previously fine-tuned model. It worked, but I noticed from the OpenAI e-mail that the name of the model is different.
Is there any way to keep the model’s name the same?
For example if my fine-tuned model id is 12345, when I fine-tuned it again with new data, OpenAI sent me a new model id, e.g. 12346. In this way it is like having two models.
Can I overwrite the first one with its new version, or this is the rule?

That’s just how it works, one is built upon on the weights of another. You get to choose the suffix, such as sorter2.

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Okay, thanks. So, I will always have two different models.

You should be able to delete the old one by using the API.

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